Clean Air Solutions for Schools available from LONG Building Technologies through our Purchasing Program!

Sep 11, 20

Are Your Schools Safe, Secure, and Healthy for the Return of Students & Staff? 

We are all looking for ways to stay safe, secure, and healthy as we move towards getting students back in the classroom. During this pandemic, it is more important than ever for us to look at how the indoor air quality can be improved to help reduce potential transmission of particulates in the air.

Technology called “ionization” can support you and your district’s proactive measures to ensure this healthy indoor air quality.

Watch this video to learn more about solutions from LONG Building Technologies.
With LONG technology you can improve your air quality with a product that is virtually maintenance free, fast, and affordable to install, all while saving energy.

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As an awarded vendor of WSIPC RFP 18-05 Facilities Solutions, LONG Building Technologies' products are available for purchase by WSIPC Cooperative members at contract pricing.

For more information about the facilities and security products available from
LONG Building Technologies, contact:

Jim Jamison
Senior Account Executive - LONG Building Technologies

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