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Sep 30, 21


Purify Classroom Air with HEPA filtration and UV-C Technology from Med Solutions!

(Available through WSIPC RFP 21-03)

As K-12 and Higher Education facilities around the United States look to improve the quality of the air that students and teachers breathe in classrooms, WSIPC is delighted to bring air purification solutions to your school district!

The American Rescue Plan sets aside over $120B to be spent through September 2023, much of which is to be invested in strengthening air quality in classrooms to help mitigate virus transmission. With a whole host of solutions available - HEPA, HVAC, UV-C - who can you trust to advise you on the best approach for your facilities?

threeUV (a division of Med Solutions) offers the largest portfolio of air, surface, and water infection prevention technology in the United States, and is a leading supplier of classroom air purification solutions. They represent more than 20 manufacturers and market the largest portfolio of HEPA, UV-C, and Ionization air purification systems in the education sector.

Air purification technology is not just an effective solution for the pandemic, it also fights hundreds of viruses and bacteria that cause the common cold, hay fever, influenza, and other everyday ailments, lowering infection rates and increasing funding for schools through reduced student absenteeism.

Learn more about the solutions threeUV has for your school!

Looking for advice on how to improve the quality of classroom air and reduce infection risk to students, teachers, and employees in your education facilities? Contact Nathan Branch ( / 646-659-0890) today and reference WSIPC RFP 21-03 for contract pricing!

About WSIPC’s Purchasing Program

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Med Solutions is an awarded vendor of WSIPC RFP 21-03 Decontamination, Disinfecting, and Sanitizing Supplies, Equipment, and Services.

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