Build Your Brand...Share What's Great About Your School!

Jan 09, 19

Share What’s Great About Your School!

When was the last time something amazing happened in your school? How many people knew about it? The work done in schools all across the globe is spectacular.  Kids gather…learn…leave…and make the world we live in a better place. So…amazing things happen all the time.

Build Your Brand

Amazing things happen in our schools, but parents and the community don't always hear about them. If you don’t brand your school’s story, the perception of your school is often based on the narrative of those who attended years ago, and the achievements of your students and teachers go unheard. Telling the real story of schools shares the true culture and identity of your school, engages everyone in your community, and forms learning partnerships with parents to ensure the success of all students.

Share Your Stories

Utilizing social media and empowering students, teachers, and your community to be the storytellers of your district is a great way to celebrate the success of students with parents and the community. There are great tools out there that allow you to engage families and school communities.

How to Get Started

Use this all-inclusive guide to share just how special your school is!

Book Cover: The Power of Branding

“The Power of Branding – Telling Your School’s Story” by Tony Sinanis and Dr. Joe Sanfelippo, is a great step-by-step guide that shows you how to inform, engage, and support your school community. Begin exploring the benefits of branding and create an action plan for sharing the excellent things unfolding in your classroom, school, or district using blogs and more.

Come to WASWUG Spring 2019 (March 10-12 – Bellevue, WA) and learn how to turn a spotlight on what’s great about your school!

Dr. Joe Sanfelippo is our keynote speaker and pre-conference presenter!

Check out what you’ll learn from Joe at WASWUG!

Video from Dr. Joe


Building your school brand and sharing your school’s story is a great way to engage your community and to build joy in teaching and learning.


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