BrightArrow Parent Notification System - Free Trial

Mar 26, 18

Notification on phone

BrightArrow Technologies, a WSIPC purchasing partner, is offering a timely opportunity for WSIPC school districts.

Between now and June 1, 2018, BrightArrow will set up your district with a fully functional implementation of the BrightArrow parent notification system for free trial usage. This includes integration with your Skyward data (students, parents, staff, attendance, lunch balances), setup, and training.
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The BrightArrow notification system is a powerful feature-complete solution.

Common Features:
  • District-wide all call/text/email alerts for weather cancellations, emergencies, informational messages
  • Automated attendance calls/text/emails
  • Lunch balance reminders
  • School-wide, grade-level, group, or class-specific messages from principals, coaches, administrators, and teachers
  • Messages can be launched from the web, dial-in, mobile app, or scheduled for automatic delivery
  • Tip-line so students and parents can report pertinent information anonymously by text, voice, or web
  • Two-way communication portal for parents, students, staff, and community to reach out to the appropriate district personnel
  • Internal “panic button” functionality for teacher/staff usage for in-school emergencies
  • Automatic translation to over 100 languages, including speaking 20 languages by voice

Washington Procurement Law Compliant
The BrightArrow notification system is compliant with Washington State procurement law and was selected by WSIPC in RFP 16-03 Notification Systems.
(Click the link above and then click the red Inquire button)
There is no obligation to purchase during the trial period.

Pricing After Trial
Special WSIPC member pricing is $1/student/year, which includes all of the advanced features, such as the emergency tip-line/hotline, and unlimited calls, texts, emails, and social media posts.

BrightArrow serves thousands of schools throughout the US and Canada, and has its world headquarters in Bellevue, WA. Here is some feedback from existing customers:

“BrightArrow is absolutely phenomenal. I see us sticking with BrightArrow indefinitely. We will never steer away. It answers all of our needs out of the box, and it’s hands-off for me, so that’s a winner right there. That sold me.”
—Dave M., Technology Coordinator

“The two things we were looking for: Something that can easily be done by anybody, and the cost point obviously is the other. We have been very happy with your solution. It has done everything we wanted it to do, so we have been really excited about that.”
— Dan C., Superintendent

“I would highly recommend BrightArrow. It is a very effective tool. It has made parent contact extremely convenient. My feedback has all been 100% positive on it. The customer service is wonderful. You get speedy service and excellent help.”
— John D., Principal