A Tale of Two Systems: Supporting SMS 2.0 and Building Qmlativ

Aug 09, 17

There is a lot of excitement around the development of Qmlativ, and significant resources from WSIPC and Skyward are dedicated to this effort. However, we also recognize the importance of assisting you in your current tasks and we are committed to supporting and improving the current SMS 2.0 system until Qmlativ is fully implemented.

SMS 2.0

Key new SMS 2.0 enhancements rolled out by WSIPC include adding Decimal Hours per Day columns to Employee Management and Salary Negotiations, and adding gradebook entity configuration for missing assignments in Family/Student Access.

Key new SMS 2.0 features rolled out by Skyward include credit card processing updates and new career plans functionality.
  • Credit card updates include functionality to approve multiple transactions and to mass add accounts.
  • Career plans are now integrated with Family/Student Access and include template and eSign options, which means students (and parents) can take ownership of their plan, make changes to it, and sign off on it.
In the coming months, here’s what you can expect for SMS 2.0:
  • The SMS 2.0 mobile app remains a top priority in all areas and WSIPC is looking at new ways to bring more functionality to the app in 2017, such as time sheet submission, teacher conference scheduling, and food service payments.
  • Efficiency and accessibility are the driving forces in the Office and Administration area, including a WYSIWYG editor for New Student Online Enrollment and an improved year-end process.
  • Classroom and Curriculum updates will include improved academic reporting and standards reporting within the gradebook, and more transparent gradebook log and tracking options.
  • The majority of the student services enhancements in the next few months are happening inside the mobile app, with one notable exception: enhancements will be made to section 504, with the primary goal of making it consistent with Skyward’s Special Education area.
  • A significant amount of Human Resources development time is dedicated to state-specific compliance requirements and ACA/W2/1099 enhancements.
  • Automation and efficiency are the main goals in school financial management, and changes will include customized workflows and safeguards for district processes in Task Manager, and the ability to assign employees to the budget process.


Qmlativ, Skyward’s Student and ERP (Business) product suite of tools, leverages the latest technologies available, solid design methodologies, and an unwavering focus on the people who will use this software every day. The driving software design goal for Qmlativ is to provide a better user experience by adapting to your specific needs.

WSIPC is currently working on state reporting and compliance requirements in Qmlativ, including the CEDARS Extract, P-223 Monthly School Enrollment, Chart of Accounts, Retirement, and S-275.

Here are a few Qmlativ design features to look forward to:
  • A simple and consistent design, logical navigation, and a global search available from anywhere in the software, so even the most non-technical users can take full advantage of Qmlativ’s power.
  • An interface designed to work on any device, allowing users to take full advantage of the software, anytime, anywhere, from running financial reports or taking attendance, to viewing their child’s grades.
  • Faster payroll processing, and more flexibility in the account code structure.
  • Easier data access with districts empowered to create dynamic data reports for school and district administrators.
  • Self-service support with multimedia tutorials, interactive flowcharts that give an overview of each process, and a search capability that delivers content relevant to the user’s role.

At WSIPC, we are dedicated to providing you with a productive, collaborative, and successful learning environment. Qmlativ is educational technology, tailored to your vision.

Watch this space for the latest news about Qmlativ.