Data Technologies


dashboards.png  Dashboards                  

Provide quick, secure access to student data and assessment information in an easy-to-use dashboard format.


high-school-and-beyond.png  High School and Beyond

An interactive planning tool that delivers a four-year course plan based on graduation requirements and post-secondary goals.

ews.png   Early Warning System

Early Warning System identifies at-risk students to allow for early intervention and support.

cedars.png  CEDARS Data Viewing

View recent CEDARS data files submitted to OSPI for troubleshooting and data validation.

suitecase.png  Resources

Access My School Data User Guides, documentation and research supporting the Early Warning System.

lock2.png  Security

Security is quick and easy to set up, and complies with FERPA standards. Districts have the ability to control which schools and data users can access.

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