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P/E Limited is a Washington State Corporation, formed in 1991, as a veteran-owned small business enterprise, providing management, technical and program assistance to businesses and associations wanting to enter into or conduct activities in international, government, environmental and property development management markets. 

By matching and proposing strategic alliances, partnerships or joint ventures, we recognized that we could provide niche solutions in high technology market sectors to select public or private innovative research, development and acquisition requirement opportunities including educational technology.

P/E Limited is an Awarded Vendor of RFP 16-05 Security Solutions. Reference WSIPC Contract 16-05 for pricing.

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RFP 16-05

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The Dispersive™ Virtualized Network (VN) significantly improves your network connections without the need to rip and replace what you already have by giving your users and ecosystem partners the speed, security and reliability they need - no matter where they work, no matter what devices they use. 

VN dramatically enhances the performance of Internet protocols while outperforming expensive private networks. It eases management duties and lowers costs. 

And as with any new paradigm, the Dispersive™ VN comes with a shift. Its software shifts control of your network to edge devices to improve performance. And it moves the attack surface outside your enterprise network for better security.

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William Mounts
Program Director P/E Limited

Tom Villani

Product Manager, NoaNet

Tom Dougherty

Product Manager DTI

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