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Netmail provides on-premise or cloud-based security, archiving, migration and file share solutions across multiple platforms including Microsoft Exchange/O365, Google, Amazon, and GroupWise. For over 14 years, we've loved helping more than 3,000 organizations and millions of clients in over 30 countries manage their data. As organizations spread data across multiple cloud platforms, Netmail allows for simple consolidation of all that data into a single repository with singular indexing and eDiscovery features.

We are proud to make software that our clients love to use.

Cloud Archiving & eDiscovery
Netmail Archive is an email archiving solution for cloud deployments that ensures 100% retention by generating a fully-indexed, vendor-neutral, application-, and file format- independent archive of all electronic data for immediate search and retrieval. Netmail Archive is a policy-based email archiving solution for Office 365, Microsoft Exchange, or GroupWise that lets you store and manage email messages, attachments, files, electronic data and more, and perform legal holds. Case managers have the ability to export data as needed for review by any necessary third party.

Netmail Cloud Security
Netmail Secure in the cloud is email security for administrators who want to spend less time managing email. With easy-to-apply policies for attachment blocking, content filtering, and outbound limits, including Anti-Spam & Anti-Virus, Netmail Secure protects organizations from both targeted attacks and unknown threats.

DLP + Content Filtering
Granular content filtering lets you quickly identify payment card data, debit and credit card numbers, Personally Identifiable Information (PII) and Protected Health Information (PHI) within email and email attachments. Several pre-defined dictionaries are also included with Netmail to help you quickly apply appropriate content filters. Netmail's combination of outbound content filtering, anti-phishing technology, and advanced approval workflows ensure that your organization is protected from data loss, and allows you to confirm decisions to send encrypted messages, or make sure that DLP-flagged messages do not contravene your organization’s security policies.

Cyber Security & Anti-Phishing
Netmail's Anti-Phishing technology protects you from attempts to acquire passwords, banking data and other sensitive information by fake websites, masquerading as legitimate ones. Outbound limits and suspicious link filtering lets you monitor unusual email behavior and identify potentially-compromised email accounts.

Netmail Migrator
Netmail migrator licenses are needed in order to license mailboxes being migrated from any version of GroupWise to another email platform including Exchange, Office 365, Gmail, Amazon or others. Netmail migrator licenses are for on premise migrations only.

Netmail Cloud Migrator
Netmail Cloud Migrator licenses are identical to Netmail Migrator licenses with the only difference being that the migration will take place in the cloud, and not on premise.

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