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Microsoft Hardware

Versatile devices for education and learning.

A new remote learning paradigm continues to shift the education ecosystem as we know it. Education professionals and students need a reliable, trustworthy solution that gives educators the power to teach in new ways, and that gives students equal access to a secure, robust virtual classroom.

Microsoft Surface devices bring together analog and digital worlds with a wide range of modes and inputs. Surface empowers educators wtih new ways to bring lessons to life, engage students, and improve the quality of teaching. 

Surface devices can make it easier for educators to streamline lesson plans, create and grade assignments, and collaborate with students.

Surface provides education professionals with all the elements of a desktop, laptop, and tablet, making it easier for them to move around the classroom, or work wherever their roles take them. 

Microsoft is an Awarded Vendor of RFP 14-01 Computer Hardware. Reference WSIPC Contract 14-01 for contract pricing.

RFP 14-01 Bid Docs
RFP 14-01 Board Approval

RFP 14-01 RFP Request

RFP 14-01 Addendum I

RFP 14-01 EX 5.A Recommendation

RFP 14-01 AOP-Ad in Everett Herald

RFP 14-01 AOP-Ad in Daily Journal Commerce

Microsoft devices for education and learning

Surface in K-12 Education PDF >>

A Natural Experience
  • Built for inking
  • Designed for maximum versatility
Teaching and Learning, Untethered
  • Freedom for educators
  • Freedom for students
Adapting to Different Environments
  • Optimized for connectivity
  • Rugged and easy to clean
Powerful Security, Easy Management
  • Secure login with Windows Hello
  • Remote Management

How to Order

1. For product and pricing information, contact Britany Smith, Microsoft Solutions Specialist at:

2.To Purchase: Generate a purchase order made payable to Microsoft Corporation and you must reference the WSIPC Contract Number 14-01 on your purchase order.

3. Email your purchase order and quote to Britany Smith at:

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