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Microsoft Hardware

Microsoft provides an affordable, accessible, streamlined platform that’s easy to manage and readily available to all classrooms. We want to help educators spend less time focused on technology and more time doing what they love: inspiring students.

Our vision is for everyone, including people with all types of abilities and learning styles. All students must have an opportunity to pursue their dreams.

We partner with educators to redefine learning by creating immersive and inclusive experiences that spark creativity and inspire lifelong learning. These experiences stimulate the development of essential life skills like communication, collaboration, critical thinking, and creativity.

Microsoft is an Awarded Vendor of RFP 14-01 Computer Hardware. Reference WSIPC Contract 14-01 for contract pricing.

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Four reasons to choose Surface

Versatility you can’t find anywhere else

Devices that transform from laptop to tablet—desktop to studio—and everything in between. Plus creative tools like Pen and Surface Dial. So nothing gets in the way of bringing your ideas to life—any way you want.

Craftsmanship you can see and feel

Every detail matters—with clean, sleek designs, meticulous craftsmanship, stunning screens, and the highest-quality materials. With Surface, technology disappears and all that remains are your ideas.

Uncompromising performance

The performance to run the most demanding professional apps as well as games and 4K entertainment—all on stunning PixelSense™ screens. So there are no limits on you or your ideas.

The best of Microsoft at your fingertips

Designed by Microsoft, Surface is engineered for the best of Office and Windows, supported by world-class customer care.

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How to Order

1. For product and pricing information, contact Microsoft Stores WSIPC Team at

2.To Purchase: Generate a purchase order made payable to Microsoft Corporation and you must reference the WSIPC Contract Number 14-01 on your purchase order.

3. Email your purchase order and quote to the Microsoft Stores WSIPC Team at

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