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McKinstry’s InfoCentre solution, backed by our Knowledge Response Center, combines service and technology to translate operational data into knowledge and action that delivers the results you want: smoothly run facilities with less downtime, increased occupant satisfaction, and significant energy and operational savings.

McKinstry is an Awarded Vendor of WSIPC RFP 18-01 Workflow Management Solutions. Reference RFP 18-01 for contract pricing.

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InfoCentre is a proprietary, web-based facility and property data management technology designed to help you optimize the operations of your facility.

McKinstry’s approach to integrated issue and facility management systems is unique because we recognized over a decade ago that property owners and facility managers were not utilizing technologies properly. Technology should be leveraged to improve process, improve reporting, increase staff and vendor performance, increase occupant satisfaction, and aid in the lowering of operational costs.

Too often, clients are understaffed, overburdened, and in many cases not able to maximize the tools provided by these types of systems. With InfoCentre, we provide the “heavy lifting,” taking the time to ensure proper set up at the outset of the program and provide thorough training and information for all facility staff, occupant, and management stakeholders.

In addition, McKinstry provides the ongoing support to keep the system running efficiently while maximizing its positive impacts on the client’s organization. We provide Account Management support that acts as the consultant and project manager to oversee system set up and to ensure that the system continues to meet the client’s needs throughout the term of the relationship. The client’s Account Manager is the single point of contact for the service and is also responsible for providing in-person quarterly reports on the data collected from the system. McKinstry's unique 24x7x365 call center provides the day-to-day, hour-by-hour administrative support that so many clients need to maximize the processes and technologies of these systems.

InfoCentre requires no proprietary software to run, is accessible to managers and occupants from anywhere a web connection can be established, and scales to virtually any size or building management application. InfoCentre’s versatility allows it to seamlessly integrate with additional operational functions as well, such as e-procurement, emergency response, construction and remodel coordination, customer relationship management, and accounting systems, desktop concierge services, and more. Because InfoCentre integrates a web interface, with a 24x7 customer service desk, it sets the standard for reliability. Regardless of the issue type or time of occurrence, InfoCentre will address it promptly. Submitting out-of-the-ordinary or emergency requests online is not always feasible. That is why each InfoCentre-managed building has a team of professional 24x7x365 CSRs trained on the specific needs of your location. Every request submitted through InfoCentre is reviewed by a CSR, guaranteeing reliability and attention to detail.

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