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ezNetPay, LLC’s mission is to provide our clients with critical automation tools to boost efficiency and mitigate risk in a highly competitive business environment. Our solutions expedite and synchronize payments, approvals, and disbursements for project owners, contractors, financiers and the wide variety of industries they serve.

ezNetPay’s flagship product ezNetPay® stands alone as a Web-based scheduling, fulfillment, and payment solution for project owners. ezNetPay® is an online payment process solution for all contract-for-services' industries. This system has broad application to any businesses utilizing fulfillment and payment processes.

ezNetPay® is a patented construction payment software-as-a-service solution that eliminates paperwork and non-value added tasks, while mitigating risk.

ezNetPay® allows users to manage payments for construction and service contracts more efficiently, effectively and securely. Users can perform the critical functions of the payment management process online:

  • submit pay applications (invoices) 
  • obtain lien waivers 
  • maintain retainage manage 
  • materials stored procedures 
  • release funds 
  • monitor and report real-time status of payments/projects 
  • access the system 24/7 through a secure internet connection

317 6th Ave, Suite 500
Des Moines, IA 50309

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