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CrisisGo is a comprehensive safety platform that is connecting people, organizations, and technology to ensure everyone has what they need to be safer. CrisisGo is taking school safety to the next level by streamlining safety communication, enhancing emergency alerting and response, facilitating access to safety protocols, providing a system for awareness and prevention, and granting access to safety resources on all computers and mobile devices. CrisisGo’s mobile and desktop safety tools have been chosen by over 14,000 schools and organizations.

CrisisGo is an Awarded Vendor of WSIPC RFP 18-04 School Safety Solutions. Reference WSIPC contract 18-04 for contract pricing.

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CrisisGo provides the essential safety tools and resources any school needs to cover the entire incident management process. Because communication is critical for safety, CrisisGo’s platform is based on multi-media communication groups that allow everyone to be connected throughout an incident.

Through our comprehensive platform, we connect schools to vital safety resources rapid response, automatic escalation of emergencies, accessing your safety protocols, accounting for your stakeholders, reporting for prevention, and spreading safety awareness.

CrisisGo is available on computers, tablets, and smartphones to ensure everyone is always connected and always safe

Bill Reynolds
Co-Founder/V.P. of Sales


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