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CNR is a provider of mass notification solutions to the education market. Our products integrate existing and new communication assets and service providers by tying them all together to form a unified mass notification system. Seconds can make the difference in safety. Our solutions provide multiple modes of communication to insure coverage to virtually all anticipated end user circumstances. It’s our objective to quickly, accurately, reliably and cost effectively deliver the highest level of safety to our K-12 clients.

CNR is an Awarded Vendor of RFP 16-03 Notification Systems. Reference WSIPC Contract 16-03 for pricing.

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Valcom is the leader in Emergency Mass Notification solutions with a customer base that includes most of the Fortune 500 companies, the majority of highly secure US Government facilities, local government emergency service organizations, and over 35,000 schools.

For over 37 years, Valcom’s focus has been, and will continue to be, listening to our customers and providing customer based solutions. Valcom’s unique and extensive experience in Mass Notification, IP and Analog Voice Paging Systems, IP Centric Multimodal Systems and Telecommunication Enhancements, give us a unique perspective. We are well known for providing guidance and assistance in implementing everything from the simplest paging system to the most complex mass notification solution.

The First District Communication Platform That Connects Everything

Valcom’s District Solution Suite gives authorized administration personnel complete control and command of every system within the district over the existing Wan/Lan network. Browser Web enabled software offers central management for all of your school systems, including IP and Legacy Intercom/Paging systems, Clocks, Bell Schedules, Lockdown/Evacuation systems, Emergency Phones, IP Phone voice/visual notifications, LED Displays, Computer/Tablet Screen Pop Messaging, Student/Staff Web Portals, and Facebook/Twitter Alerts.

Software Management Tools

    Browser and App Software Tools that connect and manage existing district systems including Intercoms, Paging, Emergency Notification, Lockdown/Evacuation, and Clocks.

    District Wide Notification

    Send alerts to one school, groups of schools or all schools, with Live Paging, Pre-recorded Messages, WAV Files, Text-to-Speech, and Graphical Interface Icons.

    District Wide Clock Management

    Eliminates School Master Clock Systems and syncs existing Legacy Clocks and IP Clocks to a Central Point with NTP Time Based Updates.

    IP Telephone Broadcast

    Transforms IP Telephones into a Notification Device by broadcasting audio and visual information directly to the phones, including Live Paging, Pre-Recorded Messages, WAV Files, and Text-to-Speech.

    IP Intercom & Paging

    IP Phone Platforms including Cisco, Avaya, Open Source, SIP Systems, etc. are fully integrated with the Valcom IP6000 Unified Communication Voice and Visual Intercom/Paging System.

    Calendar Bell Schedules

    Browser Enabled Bell Scheduling offers Class Change Tones for each Stand-Alone School Intercom System and has the ability to provide District Wide Class Change Bell Schedule Tones that are tailored for each individual school but managed through a Single Schedule Calendar Software Interface. It is truly an amazing platform to keep your entire district informed, on schedule, and on time.


    A single click from an authorized computer or tablet will launch a FAST Multi-Modal Alert which includes Audible Notification to Speakers/Horns/Computer Speakers/IP Phones, and Visual Notification to Computers, Tablets, LED Displays and IP Phones.

    IP Retrofit

    Transforms all of your existing Speakers and Intercom Systems into IP Control and Management without having to replace a single speaker. A simple software platform lets you manage every Speaker/Horn in your entire district, including Volume Settings, Intercom Volume Levels, Groups, Schedules, Events, and Emergency Notification. This can save your district millions of dollars, protect all of your current assets, and provide speedy transition to a Full District IP Management Platform. This is the most innovative solution ever available to schools and districts.


    CNR offers professional services with complete design, project management, and implementation and support services. CNR has worked in education for over 30 years and has experience and knowledge to ensure successful outcomes.

    Cameron DeMile
    Sales Manager

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