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CionSystems provides cloud and on premise Identity Life Cycle Management solutions, giving CIO’s the ability to centralize identity management, resulting in improved security, increased IT efficiencies, SOX & PCI compliance and governance.

CionSystems and products have been recognized by Gartner, KuppingerCole, and Forrester in their market and solution reports. As enterprises adopt multiple cloud solutions, use multiple SaaS applications, store data in multiple clouds, and create their own hybrid clouds, ensuring the right level of user access becomes unmanageable and costly. Users end up with wrong levels of access, leading to security and data breaches, which often result in compliance and governance issues due inability to track change management of Identity and access at real time. It can take months to determine who has what access to which resources due to complexity of the infrastructure, tools and lack of skillset.

CionSystems provides a comprehensive identity management solution. Our products provide improved security and enhanced organizational controls for enterprise scale infrastructure by centralizing control of user provisioning and security access. The result is enhanced legal and regulatory compliance, improved security through elimination of administrative errors, and significantly improved process of onboarding and de-boarding users.

CionSystems is an Awarded Vendor of WSIPC RFP 17-08 Identity & Access Management Solutions. Reference WSIPC contract 17-08 for pricing.

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CionSystems provides a software management suite that fills critical gaps in Microsoft Azure, Office 365, Microsoft Exchange and Active Directory (AD) and other non-Microsoft LDAP/Directory, OpenLDAP, Linux, Google, Salesforce, IaaS clouds, and SaaS offering. We provide a full range of operations, Identity & Access Management, and enhanced security. CionSystems’ solutions allow businesses to effectively, efficiently and economically manage security – for both on premise and off-premise systems, applications, and data. The software management suite consists of several distinct software modules that can be used independently or in any combination depending on the needs of each customer. These modules are described in detail below.

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Active Directory Manager PRO: Web-based Centralize and Securely manage your organization Directories - includes delegation, workflow, attestation, reports, single and bulk object management, templates, policies ACL, GPO’s and much more.

Add-on products to Active Directory Manager PRO

  • Automated User/access provisioning
  • Web-based downstream user and access provisioning to IT directory from SAP/SIS etc
  • Active Directory Reporter
  • Web-based, Hundreds of reports on Windows Active Directory (AD, Exchange and others) gives IT administrators the essential information needed to troubleshoot, secure and compliance reports their enterprise.

Active Directory change monitoring
: Tracks and notifies “every” change to Active Directory proactively in real time allowing you to manage threats and weaknesses.

Enterprise Self-Service (ESS)
: Web-based, Easy and simple for end-users and IT staff and scales to the needs of very large organizations for password, profiles, objects, access control, governance, audit management.

Add-on products for Enterprise Self-service

  • Password Sync
  • Any change of password on Active Directory is synced with any target directory or cloud.
  • Password change/reset from windows login Screen
  • User can change/reset password from their desktop/laptop login screens
  • Reset password from mobile
  • Users can reset/unlock from mobile devices
  • Multifactor Authentication
  • For windows server, desktop, virtual system/server within the enterprise or cloud

GPOManager: Provides a much easier, more efficient and more secure way to manage Group Policies, includes workflow, backup/restore, migration, versioning, compare and much more.

  • Active Directory Recovery
  • Web-based, quickly and accurately backup your Active Directory, then painlessly recover your AD when needed down to a single attribute or complete domain.

Cloud Identity Minder (CIM): Web-based, Cloud Identity Minder is a cloud-based identity, authentication and self-service user life cycle management solution and API. Extends existing enterprise Identity store to cloud and allows SaaS applications to integrate.

Cloud Management Tool (CMT): A centralized on premise enterprise to Microsoft | Office 365 | Azure AD cloud identity integration, access and management and data migration and archiving solution.

Multifactor (2FA) Authentication

  • For windows server, desktop, virtual system within the enterprise or cloud

Multifactor (2FA) Authentication AS A Service

  • For windows server, desktop, virtual system within the enterprise or cloud
  • Directory migration, merging and consolidation within enterprise LDAP domains, office365, azure AD

Systems Information & Compare (SIC)
: Helps track all configuration changes including applications, updates, patches, files and registry to any VM, server, desktop and workstations on premise or in any cloud system.

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