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From planning and procuring to deploying and implementing your IT needs - TIG is a technology leader partnering with State, Local and Education organizations across the nation. With 32 years and a proven track record of success, TIG has references worldwide. TIG offers a consultative approach to fulfilling the unique computing needs of our clients. TIG is a premier ISO 9001:2008 certified IT value added reseller and solution provider and an award-winning Certified Minority Enterprise business. TIG is committed to earning our place as a trusted partner by providing the highest level of value, product and services. Our team of experts is your answer for ease-of-use, cost-savings, and the efficiency you require.

TIG is an Awarded Vendor of RFP 14-01 Computer Hardware.  Reference WSIPC Contract 14-01 for contract pricing.

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TIG Solutions

TIG has the expertise to evaluate and integrate these best-in-class products into solutions, bundled with our professional services that are tailored to different types and sizes of clients. Through this process, you get the right solution based on our best practice methodology from all TIG Professional Service resources. Working with hundreds of clients across nearly every industry sector gives us unparalleled insight into your situation. We have the methodologies and logic to go about analyzing, dissecting, providing short-term mitigation, and working with you in the strategy and design of the longer-term solution that is optimal for you.

Data Center Strategy

Relocation, consolidation, or net-new addition of data centers into the corporate technology environment. Driving factors are often the need for increased resiliency, stakeholder pressures, regulatory demands, or acquisition undertakings.

IT Optimization (ITO) and Operational Efficiency

Comprehensive solution involves actions directed at a single technology domain (as in the case of server consolidation and server virtualization) or those targeting the entire enterprise (as in the case of platform-wide ITO)

Performance and Workload Management

Reducing the amount of computing resource required to process given workloads. Through capacity planning can ensure SLAs are achieved through an appropriate balance of resource allocation. Address the common trend to have select activities performed by a team dedicated to this activity. Allow your company to do what it does best and let our experts handle your IT challenge areas.

Software migrations

In most instances, this is performed as part of a larger cost savings initiative. Migrating, consolidating and restructuring mission-critical application environments can be major undertakings.

Network Services

Network design, implementation services, managed (VPN, MPLS, Systems Management, etc.) services, private bandwidth, co-location services, and more. Gain efficiency and data center diversity.



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