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Schoology is the Learning Management System putting communication and collaboration at the center of your teaching and learning. It brings together all the major stakeholders - teachers, administrators, parents, and students - into one interactive teaching and learning experience.  No matter what apps, tools, content, or standards you use now or in the future you be confident that Schoology already supports them all. Schoology's native applications work great on any iOS, Android, or Kindle device.

  • Communication Beyond the Classroom: Schoology’s LMS connects everyone in the district 24/7 (even parents), so they can stay updated and moving forward whether the school is in session or not.
  • Unlock Your Districts Experience with Collaboration: Tap into the experience of all faculty and administrators across your district by enabling them to easily collaborate on ideas, resources, and materials in a single, secure platform.
  • Every Student is Different: Make it easier for teachers to identify student needs and design a more personalized learning experience that helps each student thrive.

Schoology’s Assessment Management Platform - Schoology AMP - brings assessment and learning management together into a single platform, so educators can work together to build amazing assessments, manage the way assessments are used and measure results across an entire district in real-time.

Schoology is an Awarded Vendor of RFP 16-02 Learning Management Systems.  Reference WSIPC Contract 16-02 for contract pricing

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Schoology - All You Need for Teaching and Learning in One Platform 

A learning management system (LMS) that has all the tools your institution needs to create engaging content, design lessons, and assess student understanding.

Schoology's Enterprise Learning Management System is an all-inclusive fully hosted platform that transforms your district into a thriving digital ecosystem. Everything students, faculty and parents need is in one easy-to-use platform. Teach, learn, communicate, share and collaborate anytime and on any device.

Schoology provides Course Management, Mobile Apps, Mastery Learning, Curriculum Management, Collaboration, Student Engagement, Actionable Analytics, extensible Integration, and so much more.

Schoology AMP lets your district build amazing assessments, manage the way assessments are used, and measure results across the district, across schools, and across classrooms.

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Director of Sales Operations
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