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The School Cash Suite is the most widely used school activity fee management system in K-12 schools across North America. 

As a one stop solution for school cash management, KEV Group provides web-based software designed to meet the unique needs of K-12 public schools. We specialize in the collection and tracking of school fees through online payments, fee management, and school-level accounting. In addition, our digital forms solution streamlines everything from everyday field trip forms right through to student registrations. Our suite of products simplifies administrative tasks, while providing the transparency, accountability, internal controls and reporting capabilities district business officials require.

KEV Group Inc is an Awarded Vendor of RFP 17-05 Online Registration Solutions.  Reference WSIPC contract 17-05 for pricing.

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Created by former school bookkeepers, the School Cash Suite is a web-based solution designed to track every dollar flowing through your schools. It is the only software available that fully integrates online payments, fee management, digital forms, and school-level accounting. The system was developed with the advice of industry leaders in preventing fraudulent activity, accounting, and educational policy and procedures.  

At its core, the School Cash Suite helps districts with 5 basic processes:

  1. School Accounting: builds the foundation to successfully manage your school finances and automates the manual accounting tasks that school bookkeepers perform each and every day.
  2. Student Fees & Forms Catalog: enables schools to assemble all of their student fees in one central location and assists in the preparation and tracking of catalog items and digital forms.
  3. Community Notifications: utilizes built-in parent communication capabilities to keep parents well-informed of the fees and forms relevant to their specific students.
  4. Student Fees & Forms Data Collection: offers parents the convenience of online purchasing and access to digital forms to complete online transactions anytime, anywhere!
  5. Comprehensive Reports: Generates robust reports to track payments, finances, and data to provide insights into school and district activity.

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