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Gregory Bender founded K12 Alerts® in 2002 to provide a comprehensive and affordable emergency communications platform for school administrators. Mr. Bender, a native New Yorker, got his original inspiration after living through the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Center. He saw the immediate need for administrators to reach out to parents and staff in a crisis and created K12 Alerts® to solve the problem.

Since 2002, K12 Alerts® has continued to evolve and meet customer needs through our countless conversations with clients as a trusted advisor. Our customer partnerships and feedback, helped us release Version 10 in 2009. We pride ourselves on listening to our customers and providing both out-of-the-box and tailored solutions. Our team of professionals and our unique results-based applications have set us apart from our competition. We are not imitators... we are innovators with products like our Parent My Account® portal, Electronic Student Emergency cards and rich-text HTML tools to name a few.

K12 Alerts is an Awarded Vendor of RFP 16-03 Notification Systems.  Reference WSIPC Contract 16-03 for contract pricing.

RFP 16-03 Bid Docs 
Public Notice  
Affidavit of Publication - Everett Herald  
Affidavit of Publication - Daily Journal

K12 Alerts is an Awarded Vendor of WSIPC RFP 18-04 School Safety Solutions. Reference WSIPC contract 18-04 for contract pricing.

RFP 18-04 Bid Docs
Public Notice
Affidavit of Publication-Everett Daily Journal
Affidavit of Publication-Journal of Commerce

Emergency Notifications Finely Tuned 

Work Smarter, Not Harder

Through the WSIPC contract, educational institutions can purchase the full breadth of K12 Alerts® award winning emergency communication services at consortium pricing. Educational institutions can efficiently and economically send emergency messages, routine notifications, daily attendance calls, email newsletters and collect up-to-date resident emails through our resident portals.

The WSIPC and K12 Alerts partnership helps educational institutions to lower costs, increase parent involvement and “Go Green” using the finest yet cost-effective communications tools for educational administrators.

  • K12 Alerts® is a hosted service with no hardware or software to maintain
  • Easy to use system for any level administrator
  • Send your first notification in 15 minutes or less
  • Reduce redundant systems with one robust communications system
  • Instant student and staff updates from Skyward®

Simplicity of use

  • Instantly send voice, email, text, social media messages
  • Easily import Student or HR Information
  • Automated data imports
  • Allow students or faculty to update their contact information 24/7 using our My Account® portal
  • Create and use visual pre-sent email message templates
  • Simple publishing to Facebook and Twitter


Smart Button® Mobile and Desktop Applications for Campus Safety

Smart Button® technology connects schools, triage team(s) and law enforcement in real-time during a crisis situation. The Smart Button® mobile and desktop apps are made available to administrators, faculty/staff and law enforcement, which strengthens and shortens response times to a crisis in comparison to traditional 911 methods.

Highlighted Features  

  • Live connection with school building(s) in a crisis
  • Automatically inform triage team, real-time communications
  • Select to simultaneously inform Police and Fire of threat
  • Unified communications with building and all first responders
  • Incident mapping of building locations and rooms
  • Immediate access to building diagram(s)
  • Activate alerts from any computer or mobile device
  • Automatic alert notifications broadcast to computers/mobile devices

Organizations can use the Smart Button® system for drill exercises as a component of emergency response preparations for different situations.

In a crisis situation, school districts or schools can share information together on their computers, phones and/or forward incidents to law enforcement for immediate action.

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