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wsipc.image.pngLaserfiche is a unified solution that manages all your organization’s documents and records, regardless of location or media.

MCCi has been providing Enterprise Content Management Solutions to its clients since 1998.  With a client base of over 700 Laserfiche clients and satellite offices across the country,  MCCi has been the #1 Laserfiche VAR in the world since 2008.  Additionally, many of MCCi's K-12, Higher Ed, and other Public Sector clients have been recognized by Laserfiche corporate at a national and international level based on their accomplishments and the implementations MCCi continues to play a major role in and support on an ongoing basis.

Laserfiche (Provided by MCCi) is an Awarded Vendor of RFP 17-02 Document Management Solutions. Reference WSIPC Contract 17-02 for pricing.  

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Laserfiche is a unified solution that manages all your organization’s documents and records, regardless of location or media.

Laserfiche is unique in the market in that every product created is done so from the ground up with internal development staff. This makes all solutions seamless and integrated unlike other companies that tend to purchase other products and merge them to their platform resulting in cumbersome solutions that are not user friendly.  

Laserfiche also has a professional development program available for building integrations with other applications in addition to the various tools available such as the software development kit and configurable integration tools.  

As an off-the-shelf solution, Laserfiche is a platform for automating business processes from start to finish and the flexibility to work with other solutions you are using on a day to day basis.  Along with winning industry awards, Laserfiche has also set the industry standard with a Department of Defense 5015.2-certified records management solution. 

MCCi is the leading Laserfiche provider and offers consulting, configuration/project management, and training services for all different size organizations with varying needs.  Since 1987, Laserfiche Enterprise Content Management software has been trusted by more than 35,000 organizations worldwide to manage, secure and share information. As a privately-held company based in California, Laserfiche develops solutions for capture, workflow, forms, e-signatures and case management that help organizations drive business value—and make timely, informed decisions.  Over 5 million users use Laserfiche on a day to day basis.  

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