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Kelley Imaging Systems is a leading Northwest provider of hardware and software solutions for the creation, distribution and storage of physical and electronic documents. With office locations throughout WA, OR and MT, Kelley is uniquely positioned to support the needs of WSIPC member organizations.

Docuware for Education is an affordable document management solution that allows schools to meet compliance requirements and helps simplify the administrative processes. Converting paper records to electronic format frees up administrative personnel and creates space, eliminating the need for physical filing systems, and allows for better use of physical footprints in the classroom or other educational uses.

Kelley Imaging Services, Inc is an Awarded Vendor of RFP 17-02 Document Management Solutions. Reference WSIPC Contract 17-02 for pricing.

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Kelley Imaging Services, Inc is an Awarded Vendor of RFP 18-01 Workflow Management Solutions.  Reference WSIPC Contract 18-01 for pricing.

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The value in document management for K-12 Education 

Educational regulatory requirements like FERPA (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act) require school systems keep student records virtually indefinitely, while assuring privacy and confidentiality. Records need to be accessible to students or parents upon request. An enormous amount of resources are dedicated to handling these records, and the time lost answering public records requests and auditor’s requests for reports is a significant financial burden.  Such extensive record retention also east up valuable footprint that can be better used for other needs. Educational institutions are learning how document management solutions can help them not only comply with these regulations, but also how they can serve their staff and student body more efficiently and cut administrative costs dramatically.

DocuWare for K-12 Education

Docuware for Education is an affordable document management solution that allows schools to meet compliance requirements and helps simplify the administrative processes. Converting paper records to electronic format frees up administrative personnel, creates space eliminating need for physical filing systems, and can allow for better use of physical footprint for classrooms or other uses.  

Student files contain pages of information that grows as the student progresses through the school system. Access to these files is required by teachers, administrators, nurses, and others depending on the situation. Easy access is critical to running an efficient operation, and DocuWare provides this access.  Most school systems’ facilities are geographically spread-out, and DocuWare makes records accessible to remote locations using simple browser technology.

DocuWare assists with other administrative needs like accounts payable invoice approval; and human resources processes that all school districts need to manage personnel records for teachers and staff.  Districts also need to perform background checks on employees, and electronically capturing or scanning this information into Docuware staff members can enter a search term and easily find and view the file they need.

School districts can improve operation in many area with DocuWare.  Here are a few of the most common:

  • Reduce storage costs, required file space
  • Make files available for access by anyone authorized, from any location
  • Lower printing costs as files are easy to access and transfer with simple search processes.
  • Improved workflows  and productivity

Docuware fits successfully in any department of educational institutions. Examples:

  • Student records
  • Human resources
  • Curriculum Library
  • Parent/student web
  • Testing program records • Teacher credentialing
  • Finance and accounting
  • A/P and receivables
  • Facility management 
  • Transcripts

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Treeno Electronic Document Managment (EDM)

Treeno EDM is an easy-to-use and extremely powerful integrated document and workflow management system that enables educational institutions like yours to capture, organize and share any type of digital or paper-based document within a secure, central repository. System deployment is effortless, document retrieval is instant, integration with existing applications is seamless and the Treeno system can scale to support as few or as many users as your organization requires.

Treeno empowers your school to streamline operations, improve efficiency, reduce costs and simplify audit preparation.

Transform Your Organization

Educational institutions are searching for ways to operate more efficiently and reduce reliance on paper based information. Not only do schools have massive amounts of paperwork to deal with, but much of it has regulatory implications, from privacy issues, to reporting for adherence to assorted government programs. The documents need to be filed appropriately, accessible when needed, but only available to approved staff. With paper files, this can be a time consuming nightmare.

Key Features:

  • Instantly and easily finds any document
  • Keeps sensitive documents secure and protected; available only with assigned access rights
  • Automates document tracking and auditing
  • Secure access from any device– anytime anywhere when permissioned 
  • Application Integration and effortless indexing with proven integration with Skyward 
  • Manages any business level or student level document
  • Allows familiar workflow processes to remain intact with real-time visibility to where the file is in the process and overall processing time

Treeno Securely Manages:

  • Student Transcripts
  • Student Independent Education Plans
  • Student Medical Information
  • Human Resource Files
  • Teacher Contracts
  • Teacher Certificates and Licenses
  • Student and Faculty Portfolios
  • Student Application and Registrations
  • Financial Documents
  • Meeting Minutes and Agendas

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