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MySchoolBucks, part of Heartland School Solutions, is the leading provider of secure online and on-campus payment solutions. Our products and services ease administrative responsibilities, increase revenue, minimize risk and improve accountability. As the leader in K-12 school payments and fifth largest payments processor in the United States, we are uniquely positioned to implement, integrate and support a complete payments solution.

MySchoolBucks is an Awarded Vendor of RFP 17-03 Online Payment Solutions.  Reference WSIPC Contract 17-03 for contract pricing.

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MySchoolBucks is an easy-to-use, robust platform offering districts and parents a single secure place to organize all school related fees and purchases. Districts can easily collect and manage payments, while parents have the convenience and flexibility to securely pay for all of their student fees online or in-person.   

MySchoolBucks includes a full-featured management and administration portal that will reduce cash and check transactions, provide accurate accounting, payment receipt confirmations, account reconciliation and transaction tracking capabilities. Overall, this solution will increase revenue, minimize risk and provide absolute accountability. 

Manage School Fees & Purchases  

​Gain complete financial control with the ability to quickly reconcile and manage the thousands of payments received during a typical school year. Extend the ability to securely collect payments online or in-person across your district campuses and programs.  Download Brochure

Store Payments 

With a custom e-commerce storefront, you can collect online payments for any school-related items including: student fees, activities, transportation, before & after care, and more.  Download Brochure

In-Person Payments  

MySchoolBucks Anywhere transforms any Apple iPad into a mobile point-of-sale with our app and card reader. Accept credit card, cash and check payments anytime... anywhere... for anything!  Download Brochure

Student Invoicing  

Spend less time tracking down unpaid fees. Assign fees to students, create custom payment plans, and notify parents when payment is due. Parents can pay online or with the mobile app.  Download Brochure

Meal Payments 

Parents can go online or use the mobile app to pay for school meals, view account balances, set up low balance alerts, and track purchases. Meal payments are sent directly to your cafeteria point of sale system. Download Brochure

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