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intouch-receipting-flow.jpgInTouch Receipting® is an enterprise-level, cloud-hosted, Microsoft® SQL Server cash receipting software developed specifically for the K-12 market.  Designed by a CPA, InTouch has you covered with the auditors.  InTouch Receipting is the leading provider of cash receipting systems in Washington State.  This integrated point-of-sale system allows districts to have one centralized place to control and store revenue data while still allowing sites to customize other applications as needed.  InTouch is developed using 100% Microsoft tools; easy to learn and use, yet a powerful school business tool.  

Proven integration with WSIPC® and Skyward® SIS and ERP solutions.  

InTouch Receipting is an Awarded Vendor of  RFP 17-03 Online Payment Solutions.  Reference WSIPC Contract 17-03 for pricing.

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InTouch Receipting® is the easy-to-use yet comprehensive cash receipting suite that provides information in real time.  Data is never re-entered once the transaction is executed; all related interfaces and modules immediately have the payment information.  Parents, students and the community are able to request comprehensive financial activity ledgers and be provided reports in a timely manner, either online or in person.  Parent relationships are highly valued in InTouch Receipting.  Staff save hundreds of hours eliminating duplication of efforts.  Accept full (or partial!) payments online or in person using credit cards, while still maintaining full cash management for all cash/checks at the buildings.   

Accept food service deposits, fine and fee payments, revenue for student activities, donations, and fundraisers all in one convenient online experience for parents and community members.


Keep track of Cobra payments, tournaments, child care, track your donations and more!  

Student Store Module 

Manage your school store with full perpetual inventory using a full featured POS System.   
InTouch Receipting Student Store Brochure


  • Feed your InTouch Suite using other district systems to eliminate duplication of efforts:
  • Follett Destiny Library and Resource Manager, including 1:1 Checkout

InTouch Receipting Destiny Library Interface Brochure

  • WESPaC/Skybuild - Full integration to your General Ledger!  
  • Skyward Schedules Interface - Integration of Skyward course-based fees 
  • Skyward Food Service - Send lunch deposits to Skyward FS 
  • Donations/Fundraisers - TouchBase Lite for Community and Social Media Fundraising

Free Unlimited POS Terminals at Licensed Sites 

Setup for gate receipts, drama tickets, concessions, plant sales, prom tickets/yearbook sales in the hallway; use InTouch anywhere!  

InTouch Receipting General Brochure

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