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freedoc2.jpgFreeDoc® overcomes the challenge to manage electronic records. As a technology provider, our responsibility is to serve you, with processes to manage school business records. 

FreeDoc began supporting Washington K-12 schools in 2002, using automation to file and preserve first student transcripts, then board minutes, followed by payroll records, time sheets, teacher contracts, and facility as-builds. 

FreeDoc solutions now manage and preserve 1 billion digital documents, managed upon the school's network, or hosted and managed in our private cloud.

FreeDoc is an Awarded Vendor of RFP 17-02 Document Management Solutions.  Reference WSIPC Contract 17-02 for pricing.

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FreeDoc is an Awarded Vendor of RFP 18-01 Workflow Management Solutions.  Reference WSIPC contract 18-01 for pricing.

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Public Notice
Affidavit of Publication - Everett Daily Herald
Affidavit of Publication - Daily Journal of Commerce

Currently available products and services. Additional items to be added in the future.  

  • Laserfiche Enterprise Content Management software

  • Systems Engineering, Professional Services & Records Management Consulting

  • Document scanning services and data extraction

  • Advanced Index Microfilm ® - AIM® 

Advanced Index Microfilm® is a preventative solution designed to overcome risks posed to the survival of digitally indexed records. In the event of obsolescence, or loss of the digital file due to physical, or electro-magnetic disruption, AIM® allows full recovery of the electronic record and index metadata, to re-populate the lost digital repository, and its index database. Average recovery rates of 15,000 pages per hour of fully indexed images equal one vertical file cabinet every hour.

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