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Edsby is an innovative, cloud-based platform purpose-built for K-12 that incorporates learning management, data consolidation and insightful analytics.

Having earned more than a dozen industry awards including the 2016 SIIA CODiE award for Best Classroom Management System, and 2016 EdTech Digest finalist for Best LMS & Best Parent/Student Solution, Edsby gives school districts better student, teacher and parent engagement, improved educational outcomes and new insight into educational effectiveness. 

Edsby transforms how students, teachers, parents and administrators engage. It consolidates data from multiple sources to give educators a full view into students’ learning journeys. And it provides a rich experience to help teachers and administrators assess student learning in real time and make interventions and assist as needed. Unlike standalone LMS, data warehouse or business intelligence systems, Edsby has the tightest, most innovative connections to a district’s SIS/SMS and other key systems and data. It respects regional policies, terms and standards and data sovereignty needs. And, given that it was designed specifically for K-12, it includes features that make it great for junior grades, not just senior ones. 

Edsby is an Awarded Vendor of RFP 16-02 Learning Management Systems.  Reference WSIPC Contract 16-02 for contract pricing.

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Edsby Subscriptions

Edsby is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) product, and is priced on a pure subscription model. A single yearly SaaS subscription fee covers all Edsby costs in the following areas:

-    Software licensing
-    Support
-    Hosting and Infrastructure

Edsby Subscription fees are calculated based on the total student population for a school district. Edsby provides all staff and parent accounts at no cost.

Edsby SmartStart Services

All Edsby SmartStart Packages provids the professional services required to get Edsby up and running for your district, including:

-    Dedicated project management
-    Development of a project plan and deployment timeline
-    Deployment and provisioning of an Edsby cluster
-    Provisioning of EdsbyLink
-    Integration of EdsbyLink with the district SIS
-    Full integration with District Identity Management infrastructure (AD/LDAP/etc.)
-    Deployment of custom grade schemas and initial report card templates
-    Any other customizations of the Edsby server required for fulfillment of this proposal

Multiple packages are available to meet the needs and budgets of different size districts.

Edsby Advanced Analytics

In your school district, which neighborhoods have the best attendance rates? Which schools are performing most effectively? Which parts of the curriculum are students struggling with the most? How are our ninth graders performing in math & science? Are girls doing better than boys?

Questions like these have traditionally been hard for K-12 school districts to answer. Data warehouses are expensive and hard to configure. And even the best such systems only reflect historic data, not current data. Edsby’s breakthrough learning analytics capabilities enable educators to find trends in achievement data and identify at-risk students in real time across an individual school, group of schools or whole school district, depending on the user’s role and permissions. Powerful drill-down capabilities enable users to find exactly what they seek. Remarkable new insights are now possible for K-12 districts, in real time, based on live, up-to-the-second data—regardless whether a district uses the Edsby platform for learning management. When combined with the powerful data aggregation capabilities of Edsby, insight into academic performance across regions, or whole countries, becomes possible.

Edsby Annual Referesher Training

Edsby recommends ongoing refresher training courses after the initial deployment year as a way to keep key staff informed of new features and functionality.

Aptiris Premier Support

Most school systems transition from deployment mode, with a dedicated project manager and regularly scheduled check-in meetings, to production mode where support is addressed on an as-needed basis. Some districts have expressed a preference to maintain a dedicated project/account manager with routine monthly check-in meetings on an ongoing basis. Our Aptiris Premier Support option provides this additional level of ongoing support.

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