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Microsoft Select Plus reduces the price that districts pay for software licenses over full-packaged product prices, Select Plus offers many other opportunities to maximize the value districts receive by participating in the program.

Contact WSIPC at to become an Affiliate if you are not already signed up before purchasing thru Select Plus.   For Select Plus purchases - reference contract #90229 

DELL is an Awarded Vendor of  WSIPC RFQ 01-48 Software Licensing.  Reference contract #90229 for contract pricing.

RFQ Documents
RFQ 01-48
RFQ 01-48 BOD Approval
RFQ 01-48 Affidavit of Publication

Microsoft Select Plus 

For Select Plus purchases - reference contract #90229 

Beyond reducing the price that institutions pay for software licenses over full packaged product prices, Select Plus for Academic offers other opportunities to help maximize the value institutions receive with the agreement.

Affiliate purchasing. Select Plus for Academic purchases are associated to a unique customer ID per affiliate. You will have a clear view of your entire license and software asset portfolio, as all purchases are tied to a single agreement and Lead Affiliate customer ID that allows organization-wide reporting or detailed affiliate level reporting. Improved asset management with:

  • License management. Enhanced self-service, online tools give customers and partners better management capabilities.
  • Self-service tools also make it easy to register and access all the information you need about your agreement
  • Downgrade rights. Institutions can now standardize on versions. Downgrade rights offer the right to license the latest software version available, yet still run an earlier version.

Added value by offering ways to:

  • Realize more value from Software Assurance. Institutions receive a full value for their benefits with proration of coverage to the purchase month, providing between 25 and 36 months of coverage.

Increased flexibility by:

  • Cross-language use rights. These rights can help enhance an institution’s appeal and effectiveness across geographic and cultural boundaries by ensuring that faculty, staff, and students from different countries can easily communicate. Note that you may not license in one language and deploy that licensed product in another language with a higher value.

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