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Tools4ever’s core business offerings include a combination of robust software and consulting services in the Identity and Access Management (IDM/IAM) market. Tools4ever’s Identity and Access Management software applications have been installed in organizations varying in size from 200 user accounts to over 300,000 user accounts.

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Cloud-based Single Sign-On that is 100% compatible with your organization's cloud applications. HelloID makes accessing applications easy by seamlessly integrating into your organization's portal where users already go for other information. By integrating HelloID into your existing portal, you make it simple for end users to quickly find and access all of the applications they need from a single dashboard. HelloID supports standard protocols (e.g. SAML) and also has an advanced mechanism to make cloud applications SSO-accessible, even if they don't comply with the normal standards or when the applications wasn't deigned to be suitable for SSO. 

  • IT & System Administrators can easily grant and revoke permissions to cloud services
  • User administration is simplified with only one set of credentials needed to manage access to an unlimited amount of applications
  • Works inside and outside of your internal network, and provides users with instant accessibility to cloud applications on any device with just the touch of a button
  • Supports SAML, Form Fill, and Form Post

User Management Resource Administrator

Automated User Account Management

User Management Resource Administrator (UMRA) manages the complete user life-cycle, from initial user provisioning, moves and changes to decommissioning. 

UMRA ensures that the data from any student information system becomes available automatically and without any manual intervention, in the Active Directory, Exchange, eDirectory (Novell) or GroupWise file systems, as well as access systems, library systems, and Electronic Learning Environments. 

UMRA communicates with virtually any system or application by using more than 130 connectors. These links ensure total consistency and eliminates user account pollution in the network. The time interval for creating accounts is reduced significantly and accounts are always created flawlessly.

  • Automated user provisioning through connectors to the SIS or Human Resource systems

  • Synchronizing  the student information system with various teaching applications, such as LMS, library system, access system, e-mail applications etc

  • Total uniformity and no user account pollution

  • Tasks are automated which saves time and human resources

  • 100% logging of all activities in the domain

  • Enhanced integrity: your domain is always fully up-to-date

  • Identity Management for cloud based systems such as Google Apps, Live@edu, and Office 365

  • Designed for rapid deployment, ease of use and extensibility

Self Service Reset Password Management

Self Service Reset Password Management (SSRPM) enables end-users to reset their passwords themselves 24/7  by answering several predefined challenge questions, such as ‘What was the name of your first pet?’ This means users will no longer have to wait for the helpdesk to handle their password reset request. That increases end-user productivity and reduces the number of helpdesk calls. End-users can access SSRPM by clicking a button (‘I have forgotten my password’) in any login screen (Windows 7, Vista XP, Outlook Web Access, Citrix, etc.) or through a web form on the Intranet.

  • Saves time and money with reduced calls to the help desk
  • Increase service levels
  • Tighter security through challenge and response authentication
  • Fast and easy deployment
  • Multiplatform support with PSM module

Password Synchronization Manager (PSM)

Password Synchronization Manager (PSM) is a product that allows end-users to use the same password for every system or application (Single Sign On scenario). When end-users reset their passwords, PSM ensures that all the connected systems and applications receive the new password and apply it. End-users only need to remember the single password to gain access to the various systems and applications.

PSM is fully transparent to end-users. After they have changed their password, PSM ensures that they can log in directly to all the required systems and applications. This provides improved end-user productivity and minimizes the number of password-related helpdesk calls.

  • Increased user conveniences, end-users no longer need to worry about remembering multiple passwords 
  • High productivity, users will always have access to their critical applications, so that productivity increases dramatically
  • Cost efficiency with a substantial reduction in helpdesk calls
  • Enhanced security by eliminating multiple sets of user credentials

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