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School Technology Associates, Inc. has been fortunate to be an exclusive business partner with Skyward and their customers since 1992.  STAi has also served WSIPC customers since the beginning of their relationship with Skyward 14 years ago.

During that time STAi has provided over 1000+ Skyward customers with peripheral hardware, software and support. Hardware and software from STAi is sent to Skywards internal hardware and support departments for initial testing, development and long-term support.  Skyward and STAi work together to ensure that all software and hardware work as promised.  In our relationship with WSIPC, we have also provided equipment for development, testing and support purposes for several of our most popular products.

STAi attends both WASWUG Spring and Fall, as well as all other Skyward User Group meetings held annually throughout the U.S.  It is very common for us to participate or co-present during break-out sessions. We also attend sessions at each conference that are relevant to the products and services that we offer our Skyward customers.  We are constantly learning along with you which is how we develop new solutions like our Positive Attendance and Tardy Kiosk.


Dan Hoerl, President
Direct 612.860.8960

Kristin Wagner, Sales Manager
Direct 312.636.7316

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