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For over ten years, Public Consulting Group (PCG) has successfully provided software products to the K-12 educational marketplace. With our suite of educational products, our commitment is to provide pragmatic, easy-to-use, easy-to-adopt solutions that benefit your teachers, administrators and ultimately your students.

Our Education Products provide a framework for developing data driven, consistent, compliant educational plans for students. Teachers and administrators follow a logical sequence of decision points to arrive at an integrated, executable plan. PCG's' mission in the K-12 education marketplace is to provide teachers and administrators the tools to make data driven decisions, manage and report on their daily processes.

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Progress Monitoring Tool

PCG's web-based progress monitoring tool that can be used with IEP Online provides teachers with simple data collection to proactively facilitate problem solving, enhance student learning, and improve educational outcomes.

Download PCG's 'Progress Monitoring with Data Collection' Flyer 

Simple Data Collection | Proactive Approach
Teachers can begin collecting data on IEP goal progress quickly with algorithmically-produced aim lines, trend lines, and status of each IEP goal based on data entered. No more graphing and calculating by hand!

Results Driven Accountability
Teachers are able to analyze the degree to which instruction is improving overall student outcomes and the likelihood that a student with a disability will meet the goals set in the IEP. Teachers can evaluate the effectiveness of intervention and modify instruction in response to data.

Reporting | Consistent Data Collection
Educators will have instant access to real-time data with graphical displays of student progress.  Administrators can analyze their student achievements and areas of concern district-wide, by school, by groups of students, and by teacher. Administrators are able to determine if they need to assist their teachers by offering alternative methods and/or approaches to achieve student success.

IEP Online Special Education

The software is available with the Washington State compliancy rules and a standard set of special education forms already in place. The centrally hosted implementation of IEP.Online provides the software to school districts at a discounted price. The IEP.Online Special Education software is made available through a partnership of the Washington School Information Processing Cooperative (WSIPC) and PCG Education. The program allows for multiple implementation options, including an option for districts that are not members of WSIPC. IEP.Online is a web based product

  • Existing interfaces to various student information systems (WESPaC/Student, and variety of SIS systems)
  • Contains Washington State compliancy rules 
  • Contains a standard set of special education forms
  • Licensing costs include funding for software upgrades
  • Licensing costs include application server hardware funding
  • Licensing costs include server support
  • Licensing costs include telephone support to troubleshoot software problems
  • Licensing costs include initial training sessions
  • Benefits Facilitates communication between administrators, teachers and parents
  • With unparalleled access anywhere an internet connection lies
  • Extraneous fields and verbiage on forms eliminated from screens, you are able to concentrate on the content of the IEP Separation of the screen layout from the form facilitates better organization of the process
  • If the forms change, you don’t have to re-train your users because the application doesn’t change< Forms are kept current and compliant
  • Software is updated as State and Federal regulations change
  • Using IEP.Online gains over 50% of case manager productivity

Medicaid Claiming & Billing

PCG provides clients with a comprehensive service and offers the option to implement time-saving technology. Integrating Internet and handheld technology solutions into Medicaid reimbursement projects reduces the burden on school staff, saves time, and facilitates compliance.

EasyTrac™ facilitates Internet and handheld documentation of health-related services to students. Clinicians can easily and conveniently document services at any time without the need for scanner forms and paper logs. EasyAOC™ online time study approach and random moment methodology allow for convenient documentation of administrative outreach activities that comply with federal statistical requirements. EasyAOC™ eliminates the paper chase – no more lengthy time study training required for administrative claiming! Contact PCG to learn more about how our Medicaid reimbursement services can help your school district.

  • Technology to reduce the burden on school staff
  • Superior customer service
  • Legal and regulatory experience and support
  • National and local perspective
  • Reporting capabilities to help you manage the program.

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