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Magic-Wrighter, Inc., the parent company of the e~Funds for Schools’ products and services, provides electronic payment services to over 7,000 schools, 14,000 businesses, 500 municipalities and 700 financial institutions.

Our data center meets all PCI requirements for credit card payment services.  In addition, our data center has audits conducted by state and federal regulatory agencies.

The company was formed in 1982 for the purpose of providing electronic payment solutions tailored to meet the needs of specific clients.

Over the past 12 years the e~Funds for Schools’ products and services have been continually enhanced in order to meet the payment processing needs of schools throughout the US. Our electronic payment services have been integrated into many school systems and e~Funds for Schools is currently known as the nation’s best payment processor for schools K-12.

e~Funds for Schools has partnered with Skyward and WSIPC to create the best and most innovative products available!

Contact Information:


Bob Wright – President/CEO
866-770-5856 x128

Richard Waelti – EFS VP Sales
866-770-5856 x272

Jeff Miller – EFS Solutions Representative
866-770-5856 x271

Corporate Office Address:
1039 3 Mile Rd. NW
Grand Rapids, MI 49544

The core e~Funds for Schools program, which includes online payments and other services is free to the school! P2P Point of Sale module has separate costs.


This touch screen, POS system provides each school with an easy-to-use method of collecting student  fees. Integrate with existing student accounts to place quick and simple payments into multiple accounts for multiple children within the family.

POS Express

Customize your school store, ticket purchasing, concessions and much more right from your own computer! This express POS system provides a quick and easy solution to move students through purchasing during high volume situations.

Cash Tracker

Cash Tracker will track, post and create electronic receipts for all cash payments. Cash Tracker also converts paper checks into an electronic e~Check payment, emails parents an electronic receipt, and then posts the payment into your lunch and student fee management systems.

In-Person Credit Card

Accept credit card payments without the high cost of traditional credit card services. Our In-Person Credit Card service allows parents, teachers, students, and guest to swipe their credit or debit card and pay for any school fee.

Mobile Pay

e~Funds for Schools’ Mobile Pay feature sends parents a text message notification when there is a low balance in the student’s lunch account. Parents can simply reply to the text message with a confirmation code that authorizes the e~Funds for Schools system to replenish the child’s lunch account.


Increase cash flow by collecting more payments faster and reducing your processing cost by collecting more payments electronically and eliminate manual posting. Parents receive text message payment reminders 3-days before payment is due and have options such as Payment Assurance, Overdraft Protection and 50/50 payments.

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