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cionsystems.jpgCionSystems delivers a simple and cost effective solution to improve security and streamline managing IT infrastructure.  Be safer and get more done with your existing staff, systems and skills. CionSystems also provides Identity Management solutions designed to integrate with Skyward and other academic systems.  CionSystems will help you reduce administrative processing tasks and free technical resources for strategic projects.  

CionSystems solutions are deployed quickly and easily. Products are designed to provide benefits, day one, for schools districts and IT organizations of varying size, complexity, and skill levels.   CionSystems welcomes the opportunity to provide customer webinars addressing your specific issues and questions.

Active Directory/LDAP management, provisioning and administration

Active Directory (AD) is the backbone infrastructure for critical enterprise identity management and messaging services, availability and security must be assured. Native Windows tools lack flexibility, automation and do not scale well in today's business environments. CionSystems tools reduce complexities when distributing administrative roles, securely and with full auditing.  Real-time notification reduces the risk of interruptions to infrastructure availability and IT services.

AD Manager Pro, our comprehensive product for managing the complete AD/LDAP environment, enables administrators to be more productive by reducing time to perform daily administrative tasks and reduce errors managing a complex AD.  Scripting is significantly reduced and eliminates the need for an in-depth knowledge of the Active Directory architecture details. The system’s tools satisfy best practices and outside audit requirements.  Using the self-service product, user satisfaction is significantly improved and will eliminate unproductive help desk calls and support tickets.


  • Central management for on premise Active Directory and Office 365
  • Automate user provisioning –NO SCRIPTING, CODING REQUIRED
  • Compliance and governance - who, when, what, where
  • Enforce policies and prove compliance
  • Reliably manage access rights
  • Schedule tasks for adding and removing objects
  • Monitor the execution of tasks
  • Ability to accept or deny operations requests
  • Permission management

Simplified Office365 | Azure Management, Migration and Reporting

A simple, secure and cost effective solution.

CionSystems’ provides a powerful and yet easy to use office365 management solution for companies for all sizes. CionSystems CMT delivers all the functionality need to manage, migrate and monitor Office365, SharePoint, OneDrive and azure active directory. Admins, helpdesk and users get more done in less time via CMT’s simple and powerful interface.

  • Significant reduction in help desk load and associated costs: Fewer user authentication issues mean fewer calls to help desk for lost or forgotten passwords.
  • Reduction in overhead through automation: Our solution automatically creates updates and removes user accounts as needed, and streamlines the tedious task of Internet user account management.
  • Increased productivity: Enabling rapid issue resolution reduces wasted times waiting for IT and therefore increases employee productivity.
  • Strengthened security: Automating user account deactivation removes unused access and prevents identity exposure for hackers. Manage Office 365 from your desktop!
  • Increased compliance audit pass rates: Provide a centralized, auditable point of Internet application access. Compliance audit pass rates improve.
  • Reports: Provide a variety of (scheduled and or on demand) reports.
  • Migration in phases: Migrate a subset of users to the cloud.
  • Email and OneDrive Migration: Migrate on premise user data to OneDrive, exchange mailboxes, hosted exchange mail boxes, and or migrate non Microsoft email boxes via pop3 or Imap to the cloud.

Enterprise Self-Service and Microsoft AD | LDAP | Office 365 | Azure | Google Apps |Sales Force

According to a recent report, about 1 in 4 calls to IT Help Desks involve resetting expired passwords, and unlocking user accounts. CionSystems allows employees to self-manage their accounts without having to call the Help Desk.
CionSystems Enterprise Self Service product is a state-of-the-art solution for identity administration and access control.


  • Password management
  • User self-registration and self-service
  • Supports Active Directory, Openldap, Other LDAP compliant directories, Virtual Directories, Azure AD or Office365
  • Supports hybrid or pure cloud environment
  • Web based, lightweight footprint
  • Simple, configurable three tier access model: administrator, power user and users
  • Profile including manager attribute, Contact and Self group membership management.
  • Complete group management, supports primary and secondary group owners
  • Flexible password policies that can vary based on domain, OU, geography, and group membership
  • Enforces strong authentication policies
  • Account lock and unlock by administrator or users
  • Self-service Password reset, for Microsoft AD, OpenLDAP, AzureAD, Office365, Google apps, Sales force
  • Password synchronization between Microsoft AD, OpenLDAP, AzureAD, Office365, Google apps, Sales force
  • Web-service API's for integration
  • Manager can manage all direct reports profiles
  • Delegated user can manage their assigned objects like OU's, groups, users and other objects
  • White-pages - free form search for Azure AD, Office365, Active Directory and other connectors
  • Full audit support - All changes are tracked including who changed what and when

Get multifactor authentication for windows login and web applications 


Supports the following unique scenarios (Its Free for non-commercial use or with Enterprise Self-Service)

  • Don’t need to purchase specialize hardware (you can use regular USB Disk)
  • Supports workgroup, domain and liveID based systems
  • Supported factors are regular USB, challenge questions, sms over email, sms over mobile

Password Synchronization from on premise domain to Office 365, AD, Google, Salesforce, OPENLDAP and other targets

Now users' Domain Account Passwords and Office 365 passwords can be synchronized regardless of where or how the password change was initiated.   Change requests are intercepted, validated against Office365 password complexity requirements and then applied.  This is done securely, over an encrypted connection, protected from man in the middle attacks, spoofing, network capture, or other attacks.  This process enforces password complexity requirements and policy on shared accounts, even if the domain does not have a password policy and effect.


  • Same password complexity policy for on premise domain without making any change to domain
  • Password is synchronized from domain, so regardless of how password is changed it is synchronized with Office 365
  • Audit trail of password changes

Active Directory Recovery - Granular or Full Recovery of Active Directory

Active Directory (AD) is one of the most critical systems in your Windows infrastructure. It manages essential information and all enterprise level applications and security depend on its health, therefore its availability and security must be assured. Human error, malicious actions, and technology failures can easily corrupt your directory, system configurations or Group Policy data. To sustain efficient business operations, you must securely back up your AD and be ready to recover the information 24/7 because any unplanned system downtime means lost productivity. CionSystems products enable you to:

  • Choose between online Granular Recovery, including object attributes, or Full Domain Restore
  • Restore any object including Group Policies in AD, allowing you to recover a deleted user account with all of its group memberships, attributes and password policies without restarting system
  • Extensible search capability (deleted item, date, etc.)
  • Easily compare backup snapshots or to determine changes between snapshots

Group Policy Manager / GPO Manager

Group Policy allows users administrators to implement specific configurations for users and computers. Group Policy settings are contained in Group Policy objects (GPOs), which are linked to the following Active Directory service containers: sites, domains, or organizational units (OUs).

GPO Manager Benefits:
  • Simplifies and automates critical tasks, reduces outages by eliminating manual process and scripts
  • Helps prove compliance to ITIL, MOF, SOX, Basel II, HIPAA and C-198.
  • Improves availability and disaster recovery via backup and rollback capabilities.
  • Simplifies the enforcement of enterprise-wide business policies by enabling streamlined GPO control via workflow.
  • Simplifies and improves network security by restricting access to production GPOs.
  • Gives Active Directory administrators and security personnel's control of GPO changes, to eliminate system outages and security exposures
  • Allows administrators to edit and test GPOs and have them approved before they are deployed
  • Archives all GPO settings
  • Leverages, complements and extends native Microsoft technology, including Group Policy Management Console (GPMC), to strengthen infrastructure investments 

Active Directory Change Audit - Who, When, Where, What

Active Directory changes daily, yet most IT organizations are unaware of the changes until something breaks. Becoming proactive and more aware is part of the overall IT optimization strategy. The Active Directory Change Notifier is an invaluable resource when IT organizations are developing a proactive approach to managing their infrastructure.

Active Directory Change Audit Benefits:
  • Real Time Notifications
  • Monitor AD Administrative Activities
  • Changes logged for analysis and archiving
  • Regulatory Compliance 
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